Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Anyone Film the Speech?

If anyone filmed the "Jay Esmay for Congress" presentation at last Saturday's convention, I'm looking for a copy. I know someone told me they captured my daughter's shout, but I cannot remember who it was.

Please send an e-mail to, thanks.

This is a link to Andy's site with the audio version.

jay r.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Job #1

So, I went to my first Scout meeting in about a year last night. Collin (14) had his troop go to the City Council meeting for their Communications Merit Badge. I also talked to Lolly about volunteering to be the assistant coach for Lisa's soccer team. People asked me what I would do if the endorsement did not go my way, this is it.

Job #1 should be to take care of your family. I'm back on Job #1, full time.

-Jay r.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Campaign Update: Thank You!

I was just remembering the bus ride home from the last football game I played. We (Coon Rapids) lost to Stillwater in the first round of the playoffs. We had a fantastic season, but it was still a devastating ride.

Devastating, that is, until Randy B., my good friend and also a Jay Esmay for Congress supporter, turned to me and asked, "Who won?" Now, picture me as a young buck, crying my eyes out at the collapse of my whole world, knowing that the rest of my teammates were the in the same state of despair, and then Randy asks....?

It was so outlandish and unexpected, that I started laughing. (Later that night, with his parents at the hospital, Randy discovered he had received a concussion in the 2nd quarter, which explained why he still doesn't remember the second half) That moment on the bus is burned in my memory. The laughter did not remove the empty feeling in my stomach, but I was done mourning. Resolve and reflection set in, and life moved on. It was a great season.

This campaign has brought me many new friends. Representative Matt & Laura Dean - all around, great people. Senator Amy & Chris Koch - again, great people with a great family. Representative Mike Charron - hardworking, intelligent, friendly, good person. Representative Tom Emmer - kick-butt guy, we need more like him. Senator Betsy Wergin - what an amazing lady. Representative Mark & Heidi Olson - they get it, they live what they believe. Along with all of the other fine legislators from the Sixth District, Minnesota is in good hands.

To my supporters, I really want to say, "I'm sorry I failed you." But I know them, and I know not a single one of them would let me get away with saying those words. I am blessed.

I started going through my supporters/friends one-by-one, but have decided I really shouldn't put their names on the blog. But to everyone who understood the message and believed that Washington needs people whose primary motivation is service to others, Thank You.

-Jay r.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Campaign Update: Here I am. Send me.

I and two of the other candidates, did an interview on MPR yesterday. I can only assume that this e-mail came from one of the regular listeners.

Dear Jay-

What exactly must someone do to be a good American? You seem to be an authority on the subject. Maybe you could give all of your readers a definition on your blog.



This person was referencing my post where I spoke about my Navigator from Abilene who was killed in a gunship accident supporting our effort in Somalia. This was my response:

Dear -----------,

I'm not sure what has made you so bitter, but I hope you see that we have a great life before you waste any more negative energy.

Dave Melhop was a great American. He was just an average person. If you had met him, you would not have considered him extraordinary, but he was. He gave his life so that you and I could enjoy each morning in freedom.

There is no more higher price a friend can pay.

-Jay r.

And then I went from that e-mail, to this one sent by one of my delegate supporters. He showed me a coin from the unit he served with while defending our Nation:


The mottos from the coin that I showed you tonight. The coin has 2 simple messages.

The latin means:"Truth Conquers All Chains"- I thought it was fitting for your campaign. The truth is what will break the chains of delegates that the other candidates have been linking together.

The second phrase on the coin: "Send Me" - The guys in the unit go anywhere they are needed, whenever they are needed. The guys in the unit live by the words on the coin. By the way you have mentioned them in your speeches. Just some words of inspiration and support for you.

"Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying 'Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?' And I said, 'Here am I. Send Me!'" Isaiah 6:8

Good luck this weekend!!!!

I am really touched when I read, "Here I am. Send me." I think he has summed up our campaign in the most accurate and elegant way.

Every day I feel stronger about this weekend. Our effort Saturday will show every delegate at the convention that this is not a status-quo campaign. We will show that I am the candidate the will bring the party together and guarantee a conservative keeps the 6th District.

-Jay r.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Campaign Update: 21st Centurty Patriots

So, I've been out most of the day. When I left this morning, there was a lot of talk about Kofi Annan taking $500,000 and giving some guy a job as payoff. I went looking for more about this story and found none. Why is that? This is a huge story, and it drops from the scene? That's wrong.

But, the good news is that I found this story on CNN. I normally don't look at CNN, but was getting desperate for more on the corrupt UN. And what did a find? A positive story about Iraq! From CNN!

People, do you need any more proof that things are getting better in Iraq? If CNN is doing a positive story, they must see the writing on the future wall. The corner has been turned. Just wait, this is the first of many.

Reading about Brigadier General Samon Talabani, I am reminded of General Daniel Morgan. These are the Patriots of the 21st Century. They are earning our faith and support. We cannot abandon them.

This was a banner afternoon. At least 4 more delegates have been listening, and they signed up supporting the Jay Esmay for Congress team. The thing is that we have never had any real strategy beyond our message. Go to the delegates and talk about who they want representing them. Tell them I believe we need to send different types of candidates to get different results. This is really getting fun.

-Jay r.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Campaign Update: Rules of Engagement

Many people have asked me why I have stepped into the arena? Why have I spent so much of my energy and time in the last year plus?

This motivation to step forward didn't happen overnight, but was built through a series of incidents. One of them happened while I was stationed at Hurlburt Field, FL at the 16th Special Operations Wing. A friend of mine was a planner in Somalia. He was in the gunship squadron (AC-130). Three times they had Aideed (who we were trying to eliminate) in their sights. But, to get permission to fire they had to radio the command post in Mogadishu; who called the command post in Tampa, FL; who called the command post at the Pentagon; who called the White House. Then the answer would travel back through each command post. Every time, the enemy was gone before the approval came.

My friend was a Major, and he went to a briefing at the White House to ask for a change in the ROEs (rules of engagement). There were many Generals around the table, and he was presenting to George Stephanopoulos, who was Clinton's Chief of Staff. Now, if you don't know, a Major in a room of Generals at the White House is a very, very insignificant player.

When my buddy finished, Stephanopoulos stood up, pointed a finger at him and said, "You will do nothing to embarrass this administration." My friend (and I, and everyone serving) thought that our mission was to carry out all lawful orders to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. Mr. Stephanopoulos felt the mission did not matter, the lives of our service men and women did not matter, whether we were successful in saving lives of others did not matter. The only thing that was important to Mr. Stephanopoulos was that the image of President Bill Clinton remain untarnished (good luck with that).

The ends justify the means.

For most in Washington, getting reelected is good, so anything you do to get reelected is good, no matter what. Even, in this case, if 29 American heroes die, 2 of them earning Medals of Honor. My navigator from Abilene, Texas, Captain Dave Melhop, was killed in a gunship accident enroute to "the Mogue." A good man, good husband, good father, good friend, great American.

When I say to you that, "The problem with Washington is that the people there are more concerned about getting reelected than doing the right thing," it is not just rhetoric. It is real-life experience. Experiences that make me grimace and growl. That is why I am doing this.

We need to start sending people to Congress with real-life Experience. We need to start sending people to Washington that are more concerned about serving the people, than serving their own careers.

-Jay r.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Campaign Update: What Makes a Great American?

Who would you call a great American?

a) The people in this picture; or

b) This young lady

Sergeant First Class Juanita Wilson gets my vote.

How many people in that picture do you think understand Sgt FC Wilson? None of them. One more reason to send more veterans to Washington, DC.

I really enjoyed door knocking today. First, about half of the people I spoke with said they were going to vote for me. Second, everyone I spoke with said they really enjoyed our mailings. So do I. There is a total of four mailings, so keep looking. Send me a line if you like them

-Jay r.